October 21, 2015

Be Like Bond This Half Term

The wait is finally over, three years after his last big screen appearance Bond is back!

If like us you’ve always dreamt of pulling on a tuxedo and being Bond for the day here’s how you can make your dream a reality..

Bond Aston

Drive like 007

When he’s not clearing up at the casino, or smooth talking his way out of trouble Bond’s normally behind the wheel of his beloved Aston Martin, and our heart-racing driving experiences give you the chance to find out first hand just how fast his rides really are!

Fly like 007

Judging by his on-screen antics 007 is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, which is probably why we love him so much here at Activity HQ! His stunts are the stuff of legend and one of our favourites is a death-defying skydive that features notorious Bond baddie Jaws, but don’t worry we promise to leave him behind if you decide to take the plunge from 15,000 feet!

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Shoot like 007

Bond is one of the most lethal marksmen at MI6 thanks to the endless amount of bad guys that come his way, and if you want a similar test of shooting skill clay pigeons are just as hard to hit and almost as evil!

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