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Extreme horse riding pushes the boundaries of horse riding to the limit, and riders perform complex combinations of death defying tricks that are exhilarating to watch let alone perform!

This heart-racing experience isn't exactly a quiet canter through the countryside, but if you're an experienced rider looking to take your skills to the next level nothing comes close to the adrenalin rush of mastering stunt riding. The complex manoeuvres might seem impossible at first but with the help of an experienced instructor you'll be nailing them in no time!



  • Perfect for experienced riders
  • Full tuition from experienced instructors
  • Participants need to be physically fit

Participant Guidelines

Participants need to be competent horse riders and possess good upper body strength to take part in trick riding. We recommend a minimum age of 15. Please check your preferred venue for specific age and weight restrictions.

General Availability

Available 1 to 2 days per month at our venues. Winter months can be less frequent.

What To Wear

Wear clothes that are suitable for riding, clothing needs to be comfortable and flexible.


Weather conditions can affect this activity but as long as it is safe to do so your event will go ahead as scheduled.


Extreme horse riding lessons usually last a full day depending on your riding ability.

Number of People

You will be taking part with up to seven other people on the day.


This activity is not suitable for spectators.


Choose From Locations

An adrenalin packed day awaits at one of our locations.

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