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Get ready for your world to be turned upside down as you climb into a bonkers and bouncy zorb ball for the ride of your life!

These 12ft spheres deliver fun and thrills by the bucket load and whether you choose a wet and wild aqua zorbing experience, or a heart-racing harness zorb ride you're in for an unforgettable experience. As the ball gathers speed you'll not know whether to laugh, cry or scream but when you finally come to a standstill you'll be head over heels for this bonkers but brilliant extreme sport!



  • Choice of harness of aqua zorb ride
  • One roll experience
  • Choice of zorb tracks at some locations
  • Great activity to share with others

Participant Guidelines

Minimum height 4ft, maximum weight 18 stone. Minimum age 12, maximum 60. Riders have to complete a brief health questionnaire before taking part. You should be fit and healthy to take part as this is a very physical activity. Not suitable if you are pregnant or suffer any back or spinal problems. Parental consent required for any participant under the age of 18.

General Availability

Zorbing usually takes place between April and September, and runs on most weekends. Some centers run Zorbing experiences throughout the year.

What To Wear

As there are different types of Zorbing ie. Harness or Aqua it is best to dress comfortably and accordingly. If you have chosen Harness Zorbing then comfortable loose clothing is best. If you have chosen an Aqua Zorbing then a swimming costume, towel and a warm change of clothes are essential.


Can take place in most weather conditions except snow and very high winds.


Participants will need to be at the venue for around 90 minutes in total, with the actual Zorb ride lasting a heart pounding 30 - 45 seconds.

Number of People

A Minimum two people are required for a Harness Zorb ride. A minimum of one person is required for Aqua Zorbing.


Spectators are welcome to watch you take part in your unforgettable experience.


Choose From Locations

An adrenalin packed day awaits at one of our locations.

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