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Bubble football brings a whole new meaning to the term knock-out football, and with no ref and no rules pretty much anything goes!

This bonkers ball sport is one of the fastest growing activities in the country, and it's easy to see why! Once you've squeezed into your giant body Zorb anything goes, and even though the aim is to outscore your opponents you'll have just as much fun bumping and bouncing your way across the pitch.

16 Locations


  • All equipment provided
  • Great team building activity

Participant Guidelines

Minimum age for this activity is 8-years-old. Bubble football is quite physically demanding so a good level of fitness is essential.

General Availability

This activity is available through out the year, with good availability at weekends.

What To Wear

It can get very hot in the Zorb balls, so jumpers and multiple layers won't be necessary. Trainers with good grip are essential.


Bubble Football takes place at both indoor and outdoor venues. Particularly bad weather may affect some outdoor events.


This experience lasts approximately 90 minutes, but can vary from site to site.

Number of People

This voucher is valid for 2 people.


Spectators are welcome to watch and cheer on their team.


Choose From 16 Locations

An adrenalin packed day awaits at one of our 16 locations.

    • Midlands 3 Locations

      • Birmingham
      • Nottingham
      • Eynsham, Oxfordshire
    • North England 3 Locations

      • Sheffield
      • Gateshead
      • Manchester, Centre
    • Scotland 3 Locations

      • Edinburgh
      • Kilmarnock
      • Glasgow East
    • South East England 2 Locations

      • Brighton
      • Croydon
    • South West England 2 Locations

      • Bristol South
      • Bristol North
    • Wales 1 Locations

      • Cardiff
      • "A fantastic morning's entertainment."

        Grant Whelan

        RATED 3.6 out of 5
      • "Great fun, the lads a loved it."

        Rachel hazelden

        RATED 3.9 out of 5
      • "Took a group of 16 year old boys, who just spent the hour laughing as they barged about, tumbling each other over. They were absolutely exhausted at the end of it, but clearly loved every second. Not a lot of football got played, but that really wasn't the point."

        David Bulman

        RATED 3 out of 5
      • "Brilliant fun and a great day out. Worth every penny! "


        RATED 4.9 out of 5
      • "Brilliant day had a great time."

        Kris Hopkins

        RATED 5 out of 5
      • "Absolutely fabulous party for 10 12 year old girls, they enjoyed the football but equally enjoyed the games organised by the party leader and their free time, rolling around and getting stuck upside down, would thoroughly recommend"

        Anna Koniotes

        RATED 4 out of 5
      • "Our party organiser was Leah,and she was fantastic with the children, they had so much fun, well worth the money! "

        Dawn Dyson-Dowling

        RATED 3.9 out of 5
      • "Hilarious from start to finish! An amazing activity! "

        Natalie Sanders

        RATED 3.3 out of 5
      • "Activity was great fun and much harder work than it looks. Might be better than the gym."

        Phillip Peters

        RATED 4 out of 5
      • "We came for a hen party and had the best time ! "

        Layiaka munro

        RATED 3.5 out of 5

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