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Take to the skies for the experience of a lifetime by leaping from a plane nearly 4000 feet in the air. The parachute deploys automatically which means all that's left to do is take in the spectacular view.

If you've got a head for heights and nerves of steel our parachute jumping experience gives you the chance to taste the adrenalin rush of leaping from a plane at 4,000 feet! As soon as you step out of the plane the parachute deploys automatically which means there's no need for an instructor but you're on your own as you glide back to the safety of solid ground. Available at 2 locations across the UK and Ireland.



  • Static line parachute jump (parachute deploys automatically).
  • Full training before you take to the air.
  • Available all year round.

Participant Guidelines

Please check individual locations for restrictions. Please note that you will need to complete medical forms to particpate and you may need to get a note from your GP depending on your age.

General Availability

Most centres ofer jumps two out of 4 weekends and also weekdays. Jump times are usually first thing in the morning or lunchtimes

What To Wear

Dress in warm comfortable clothes and wear trainers.


This activity is weather dependant, you will need to check the night before your jump.


You need to allow for a full day at the airfield as the time you take your jump is dependant on the number of participants and also the weather.

Number of People

Training will more than likely be shared and you will be in the aircraft with other people.


Spectators are welcome at the airfield


Choose From Locations

An adrenalin packed day awaits at one of our locations.


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